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Steven Thoelen is an international contemporary artist, based in Belgium. He is best know for his photography designs and MASKERAMI series.Thoelen was born in Tongeren, February 18. 


​If you know what you want and you know your deepest motives, it provides a whole new perspective. I want to encourage a contribution to myself and towards others. Because of that I started to explore unknown paths. Being vulnerable is the fastest way to grow as a human being. My soul was calling me to order. I needed to separate fantasy from day-to-day emotions. 

Thoelen's fine-art photography portrays a fantasy experience through 'a chain in wonder'.

His elaborate compositions consist of emotional shots that depict the heat of the moment in a narrative story.  In 2019 he launched the MASKERAMI series.

A new media art project guided by the design fashions of the period. Eye-catchers for inspirers with personality and identity in every sense of the word. 

Winner of the 'Best Artist Award' at the International Amsterdam Art Fair 2019 with a striking display, incredible story (RANDOM FOMO), creativity and presence at the fair.

Winner of the Global Art Award 2020 (Category Photography) at the Shanghai International Art Fair.

Typical is boring

Some people see me as a maniac, but that’s not quite right.

a.k.a. 'The EMOFRAGMATOR' I translate the emotion of a scene into one shot. 

Call it a highly sensitive navigator in fantasy with an emotional diaphragm. 

In fact, as a self-made director, I transform ordinary situations into unique moments. 


La Fille d'Oscar / Herk-de-Stad / 2018

SWISSARTEXPO / Zürich / 2019


ACAF / Brussels / 2019

INT'L ART FAIR / Shanghai / 2020

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